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Timkat1994 a posted Jul 13, 14
We have begun to add quests!

Here are the commands you will need to interact with them:
  • /q help/? - Displays quest commands.
  • /q cancel - Cancels your active quest.
  • /q quests - Shows held quests.
  • /q switch <id> - Switches to another quest.
  • /q progress <id> - Shows active quest progress.
  • /q profile - Displays your quest profile; includes quest points, rank, and completed quests.
  • /q quests - Shows held quests.
Here is our first quest:

Quest Name: Sweet Fish
Description: Fish up 15 fish from the top of Mt.Aegis!
Location: x-801 y92 z357
Reward: 150 ampers
Resets after 12 hours

Just head to its location and begin!

Welcome to our website!

Timkat1994 a posted Jan 3, 14
(AKA AmpersandMC or Tim's Server) 
Created on March 29th, 2011 

Hello, fellow Minecrafters! Welcome to our website! Here on Ampersand we hope to offer a different kind of server than what you may usually see in the community. Not just through gameplay, but also through our community. Our server is first-and-foremost PvE survival, though we do offer many options beside that. We allow for PvP in the Nether, for example, and we have a Creative world open to everyone. For the most part we stick to base Minecraft mechanics and avoid changing much of what is already in place. 

When you first join the server, you will find yourself at our spawn. There are three portals, one currently inactive. One will take you to the Survival world and the other to the Creative world. There is an optional starter kit in the chest next to the Survival world portal, which you can choose to take or to leave. Once you pass through spawn and enter the survival world, you will find yourself in Mt. Aegis, our main city and center of commerce. You have the option of traversing the city streets and discovering the many secrets of Mt. Aegis or warping away via a random teleport that's off to the side. 

After joining, rather than going to the Survival portal, take the other one to the Creative world. From there you may build to your heart's content. We use PlotMe and all commands may be found in-game by typing /plotme. By default, all players are allowed three plots, but more may be earned through proving your skills.

Currently we have Paintball and MobArena, but we are actively working on adding more!  

Check out our DynMap!: 

(Working on the description when I have time...) 

The server is entirely player supported and has been for the past three years, please consider donating even just a few dollars to keep us up and running! The server costs a total of $28.99 per month, which includes server hosting, our website plan, and our domain name cost. I am a full-time student and cannot afford to pay for the server alone, your contributions are appreciated enormously. Just click the "Donate" button in the top right section!

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