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Timkat1994 A posted Jun 9, 16

We've just updated to 1.10! 

Tabula Rasa

Timkat1994 A posted Apr 23, 16

We still have a lot of work to do, but you are all welcome to return and play on the server!

Here's a brief description of how we'll be continuing from here on out:

It was determined that the best course of action would be to start with a new world and keep the server as basic as possible starting out. I don't have very much time to work on the server, so we'll be slowly returning Ampersand to its former glory over the next few weeks. Currently we have a small spawn room and a spawn area of 500x500 blocks. Use the random teleporter to get started right away!

We essentially have a blank slate and are welcoming any and all suggestions! Feel free to comment with them on this post or send a message to me or another staff member!

We have not brought back the old donation ranks, but we will have a rank for those who have supported the server in the past. We haven't decided how to proceed with how we will handle donations yet, but please still consider it to help us get back on our feet! 

- Tim

p.s. Tabula Rasa means Blank Slate

DomoKing795 I waited a long time for this.
Rreyou Uh Tim, idk if this is interntional but I can't talk or anything. It says I don't have perms to and gives me (...
Champion_Dsi M You could always bring back the space theme you wanted Tim. :3

Just can't stay away!

Timkat1994 A posted Mar 17, 16

Keep an eye on the website! Ampersand is coming back!

Rebnobfulroar Yaaay! I was really hoping it would come back soon.

Happy New Year!

Timkat1994 A posted Jan 1, 16

Happy New Year from us to you! Hope you all have a wonderful day and that you stay true to your resolutions this year.

The End?

Timkat1994 A posted Dec 31, 15


Hi all,

With a New Year comes many changes, some for the better and some... not. I'm not entirely sure where this fits in yet.  

It's been a fantastic run these last four years (almost five!), but I think it's high time the server ran its course. I've lost interest in the server and Minecraft, as I'm sure many of you have noticed. I've been willing to maintain the server as long as others care to donate to keep it running, but our funds ran out long ago and I don't want to pay for something I don't enjoy anymore. I'm sad to see it go, though, even with all the abuse I took from you lot. It was a lot of fun while it lasted.

So, as of now I've downloaded the entire server and cancelled the subscription. It's offline currently, but it'll be back online soon to run out the end of the subscription. Also, if all goes to plan I'll have a server hosted at home for a few days to showcase our very first world and to ring in the New Year. Keep an eye on the website, I'll post the IP here!

Maybe one day Ampersand will return, but until then... o/

- Tim

DomoKing795 What's the IP? I don't see it.
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