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Reopen the Nametag shop maybe? But only take out the eggs?
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Due to our limited server space, we will be decreasing the boundary from 20,000 blocks radius to 15,000 blocks radius and removing everything beyond that. It will occur this Wednesday at 12:00pm PST.

The border is centered at X: -771.5 Z: 325.5, which is at the top of Aegis. With a little math, we can determine where the new border will fall. Keep in mind, the border is a circle.

I'm no good at math, so if someone could help me out here, that'd be great. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who live beyond the 15,000 mark.
Interested? Please refer to this post:

The server is back up and it should be good to go! Let me know as soon as possible if you encounter any problems or find yourself floating in the void.

If you lost anything throughout this ordeal, shoot me a message on here listing what you lost. Also, if you find any misplaced chunks, let us know ASAP. We will replace lost items and help rebuild the affected area.

Now, the changes:
  • Lockette has been removed (finally), so protect your stuff!
  • The world size will be decreased to 15,000 blocks from the current 20,000 within the next week. Sorry if this causes any problems for anyone, but it has to be done.

More bad news...

Timkat1994 a posted Aug 11, 14
Due to the server reaching its capacity the other day, new chunks were loaded and corrupted, which I will now need to go in and delete manually. So, the server will be down most of today, if not all day.

Since the main server will be down for so long, I will be temporarily re-purposing the test server. I will allow all players to access it and play vanilla Minecraft together while I work on the main server's issues.


Hop on!

Some bad news...

Timkat1994 a posted Aug 10, 14
DynMap will be going away today. The server, again, has reached its capacity and DynMap is the largest non-essential plugin that we have at around 2.0GBs, where we only have 10GBs of space. So, the server will be down for a bit while it deletes.

We do not have the funds or the cash-flow to consider upgrading the server's size. Donations are few and far between.

I am still concerned about the main world's growing size, which has recently broken 5GBs total. A world reset or trimming may be required if we do not cut down on excess plugins. The boundary is currently set at 20,000 blocks from the middle of Aegis and we would cut it down to 10,000 blocks if need be.
Dsiandwii5 So sad that we couldn't keep the dynamic map. But it's for the reasons of the server capacity... ...
Boyyini In my humble opinion, you should shrink the size to 10,000. As awesome as the server is, there aren't enough people to j ...
Timkat1994 a Yes, Silk. Yeah, Monkeh. I love it, too, but 20% of our server space to the one plugin is ridiculous.
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