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We are discontinuing building contests until we can afford to have a creative server alongside the survival server again. Sorry! 

  • Spawn is being overhauled. Unsure when it will be completed.
  • Removed ColorMe. Found out how PEx prefixes, suffixes and colors work.
  • Removed the old trails plugin that didn't work and replaced it with TrailsUI, which is pretty snazzy. Permissions will be set up soon and donation ranks will be updated.
  • DisguiseCraft is working!
  • Trails!
  • Removed BattleArena. Will make an arena using resources already available to us.
  • Separated the Default permissions rank into Unregistered and Registered. Only differences are that Unregistered have gray names, Registered have blue names and also receive a 1000 Amper bonus. The ranks update automatically as users register their characters on the website.
  • Lots of new quests made by Ohkemn and many more to come!

This post will be updated through the remainder of the week. Please leave any input you might have in the comments below! No changes are final.

Ohkemn M Quests! (heh)

Unscheduled Downtime

Timkat1994 A posted Sep 15, 15

Server will be down for the next 30 minutes. Updating the bulk of our plugins. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Server is now back up!

Greetings, everyone!

We're going to kick off this season with a building contest! Hopefully to be the first of many.

The theme for this month is Something Wicked This Way Comes. It must be done in survival and can be any size your heart desires, just keep in mind that larger builds may attract more votes! You will have the first three weeks of the month to build, but all admissions must be sent in by 12am on Thursday, September 24th. All builds must be built after the date on this post and a submission thread will be made one week from now.

Be creative and give it your best shot! Good luck!

Hey, all!

Just a quick update. As some of you may have noticed, our staff is tiny. It's just been Cel, Dark, Ohkemn and myself for the last few months and we are now looking for new members to help out. Finally, we now have staff applications listed up top! Feel free to take a look and possibly apply, it won't hurt. Only moderators may apply for Admin position, so you'll have to climb the ladder! Good luck!

Also, please give a warm welcome to a good friend of mine, Arona, who will be our new community manager from now on! They will handle the PMC page, voting sites and much that you see around here.


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