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We are holding a second vote to reset the world or not. Please vote and pass it on! You may find it here.

As many of you know, we're finally on 1.8. Hooray! 

Although we're glad to finally have the features of 1.8, this coupled with the issues that have plagued Bukkit, Spigot and other server developers for the last few months have caused us a lot of grief.

We are holding a second vote to reset the world or not. Please vote and pass it on! You may find it here.

Money and inventories were wiped in the update and players lost access to their claims. Although we have been able to transfer claims back to those who request it, we are unable to restore inventories and money. 

CelestiaIWarrior and I were tossing around the idea of removing Fé Economy (money) and ChestShop plugins. There are many of you who do use those plugins, but, from what we've seen, most players choose to trade items rather than to purchase them for in-game currency that there is little to no use for. We think it'd be in the best interest of the server to forgo the use of these plugins. 

We are holding a second vote to reset the world or not. Please vote and pass it on! You may find it here.
Two days left to vote on the Halloween Building Contest!

You can find it here:
Spigot 1.8 will be released in the coming weeks and it's time we began thinking about the future. With new versions we have always had some kind of change to the server, most commonly a change in the server's layout. It's time we began the discussion.

Read more here: [link]

Donation Ranks

Timkat1994 a posted Nov 11, 14
Hey all,

We currently have $0.00 in the PayPal account after renewing the website and I'm down a couple bucks as well. The server has been player supported since the beginning and the only way that it will survive is if it remains that way. I cannot afford to pay for it myself, I can contribute some money every so often, but I've got to eat.

I've realized that I never posted the donation ranks to the website, so here they are:

Squire $5-19:
Prefix: [Squire]
Test server access
Trails: smoke and spark

Knight $20-39:
Everything Above
Prefix: [Knight]
Trails: hearts, angry, fire
Disguises: Mushroom Cow

Wizard $40+:
Everything Above
Prefix: [Wizard]
Trails: magic, spell, code
Disguises: Ocelot

This rank is reserved for those who have donated to the server 6 months or more.
Everything Above
Prefix: [Legend]
Trails: firework, color
Disguises: Iron Golem

Just a heads up, the disguises don't always work because the plugin breaks with each update. We're hoping to find a solution soon or to find a replacement plugin.

If you are interested in donating, you can find donation links under the "Support Us!" tab along the top or click on the "Donate" button on the bottom right of the page.

The server is entirely player supported and has been for the past three years, please consider donating even just a few dollars to keep us up and running! The server costs a total of $28.99 per month, which includes server hosting, our website plan, and our domain name cost. The test server costs $7.95 each month. In all, it costs $36.94 to run everything. I am a full-time student and cannot afford to pay for the server alone, your contributions are appreciated enormously. If you like the server and wish to continue playing on it, just click the "Donate" button in the bottom right corner of the site!
Thank you, everyone who participated in the Halloween building contest! A thread for voting will be created shortly.

Some not-too great news:

As of now, after this month's rent, we are down to $5.61 in the server's PayPal. To keep the server running, we need donations before next month. To keep the test server running and the website running we will need donations in the next week for the for the test server and in the next two days for the website. I will not be paying out of my own pocket for the server, I can't afford to. If no one is helping to keep the server running, then it will go down. The test server will be taken down first and then Ampersand and the website will follow.
Boyyini I think I speak for several people when I say that I'm anxiously awaiting the server's update to 1.8 I know you are wait ...
MonkehsRule654 Das not good. I have money to donate, but I might not be able to do so today
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