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Hey, all!

Just a quick update. As some of you may have noticed, our staff is tiny. It's just been Cel, Dark, Ohkemn and myself for the last few months and we are now looking for new members to help out. Finally, we now have staff applications listed up top! Feel free to take a look and possibly apply, it won't hurt. Only moderators may apply for Admin position, so you'll have to climb the ladder! Good luck!

Also, please give a warm welcome to a good friend of mine, Arona, who will be our new community manager from now on! They will handle the PMC page, voting sites and much that you see around here.


So, with the quarter ending and spring break coming up fast I've found that I have a lot of free time to spend on the server. Here is just one of the things I've accomplished lately:

New Waves!

There are now 100 in all with mobs ranging in the thousands. Prizes are still the same, for the time being, and I still need to sort out the supply waves, but it's a lot of fun as is!

Here is a sneak peek of what you should expect. (Prior to the lobby and arena floor upgrades):


Knight, Archer and Gladiator are currently the only available classes. Ideally, I hope to make the Knight an all-around good tank class with the Archer an all-around good support class. Gladiator is just for fun! To limit the amount of work I'm stuck doing, I would prefer to keep the class-count as low as possible.

Aesthetic Changes!

Finally! The floor has undergone a few block-swaps. No more unsightly obsidian or bedrock blocks cluttering the arena. Say goodbye to the silky-smooth stone and say "Hello!" to gritty andesite!

The lobby has also been entirely redone! (No, you cannot jump over the edge.)

- Tim

Just a reminder.

Timkat1994 posted Feb 16, 15

I'd like to remind everyone that we welcome any and all suggestions here:

Or through PMs.

If you take any issue with someone, then you're welcome to take it up with me in PMs in a calm and respectful manner. Please provide adequate proof if available.

Working on Sieges...

Timkat1994 posted Feb 16, 15


Champion_Dsi D: Time to change my house designs since most of the blocks are in the breakable list.
Ohkemn M to*
Ohkemn M I feel like some players will break ever breakable block, I don't know. It may be something we just have yo try and twea ...

New IP

Timkat1994 posted Jan 19, 15
In case you've missed it in the shoutbox:

You can also reach creative here:
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