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Halloween building contest has been extended. It will end this Saturday, the 1st of November and voting will begin.
Dat face.
Uh... No? :sick:
Uh...Tim, is the plugin with the mining ores to get ampers is back?
So lonely on da server ;-;
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Voting for the building contest has finally come to a close. MonkehsRule654 won with a single point lead followed by Dsianwii5!

You can view the builds here:

Prizes will be dealt out soon!
bluebirddie Good Job Monkeh!!!
Dsiandwii5 Gg Monkeh. C:

Building Contests!

Timkat1994 a posted Sep 24, 14
Hello everyone!

We will be having biweekly building contests running regularly beginning this Saturday! Entry is open to everyone.

A new sub-forum will be created solely for building contests. There you can find topics for each contest and voting for each contest. Each contest ends one week after it has been posted. Following, a thread will be created where voting may take place. 

Give it your best shot and you may win some awesome prizes!

Have any theme suggestions? Post them in the comments below!

Join us on Mumble!

Timkat1994 a posted Sep 20, 14
I will try to be on Mumble each time that I am online. Feel free to join me! I can answer any questions you might have or help with any problems you have encountered!

Port: 63348
Pass: Ampersand482
Feel free to connect anytime! Once the main server is updated to 1.8, this server will be disabled and the world file put up for download.

Due to our limited server space, we will be decreasing the boundary from 20,000 blocks radius to 15,000 blocks radius and removing everything beyond that. It will occur this Wednesday at 12:00pm PST.

The border is centered at X: -771.5 Z: 325.5, which is at the top of Aegis. With a little math, we can determine where the new border will fall. Keep in mind, the border is a circle.

I'm no good at math, so if someone could help me out here, that'd be great. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who live beyond the 15,000 mark.
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